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SunWoo and Chris

kayaking on Quadra Island

Jisue and JiHwan at Halloween

Jisue, Jeremy, and JiHwan dressed up for Halloween

JiHye Horseback Riding

Jihye and Gahyun horseback riding at the Bear Creek Ranch



What is English Adventure?

English Adventure provides a unique English language learner experience for international students studying in Canada. We specialize in education and development programs for elementary school aged children.


During the summer we run a small ESL adventure camps where students combine intensive study with afternoon adventure activities such as kayaking and horseback riding.


During the regular school years we operate a homestay for international students enrolled in the public school system. As well as taking care of their daily needs and looking out for their welfare in the school system, we provide after school support, journal writing, guided lessons, and, of course, adventure activities.


Language activities are taught by me, Chris Gunn, the author of Boggle's World ESL. I have over 12 years experience teaching ESL and EFL (English as a Second Language and English as a Foreign Language) including 10 years teaching abroad at the University of Incheon, the College of North East Asian Studies and Sangji University in South Korea. As well, I have over three years experience doing homestays and adventure camps in Canada.







For more information on recreation on North Vancouver Island check out the North Island Explorer.



After School Study:

To ensure the maximum academic success of kids in the school programs, we follow the school curriculum and provide guided lessons and vocabulary support for the kids.

Guided Lessons

Self Study/Silent Reading

Journal Writing

Language Learning Through Play


Adventure Activities:

Here is a list of the adventure activities we do throughout the year and during our summer camp.


Horseback Riding

Mountain Biking

Fossil Hunting








Nature Study

Skating (Winter Only)

Sledding (Winter Only)

Skiing/Tubing (Winter Only)


Community Involvement:

As well we provide students with a chance to participate in the local community.

Youth Soccer

Holiday Activities

Kids Club (Optional)

Dance Classes (Optional)



A few times througout the semester, we plan short trips.



Mt. Washington

Strathcona Park

Telegraph Cove