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Fossil Hunting


I am a member of the Vancouver Island Paleontological Society and so I take frequent trips into the mountains or along the rivers to hunt for fossils. Of course, the kids love to come with me. They each have their own rock pick and chisel.


Vancouver Island is covered with sedimentary rock so finding fossils is not that difficult. It is a great way to learn about natural history and science. Every student who has come fossil hunting has found something. Some off the things that we've found are pretty spectacular, such as a 100 million year old lobster.


Fossil hunting is also a good chance to go hiking and see some beautiful scenery. It's an activity that kids are always enthusiastic about. The fossils shown here are all fossils that the students and I have collected together. And there are many, many more!


Fossil shell.

Fossil shell found with students.


For more information on fossil hunting on North Vancouver Island check out the North Island Explorer



 Fossil ammonite.

 Fossil ammonite found with students.


 Fossil tooth.

Fossil tooth found on that we found on

Vancouver Island