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Language Learning Through Play


In the short run, sit-down-and-study language programs may seem more efficient because the students can 'learn' a lot of vocabulary in a short term. But, the problem is that what is learned is quickly forgotten.


Kids will truly acquire language skills when they use language to communicate in a meaningful way. And so, the most effective way to learn a language in the long run is through play. The language that they acquire while interacting in a genuine (and fun) way, they will use for life. We do a lot of activities with the kids. These activities encourage kids the lanuguage to come out naturally.



Playing Monopoly

Monopoly night!


Craft night: making bath salts.



JiSue hard at work building our snow castle.

JiSue hard at play, building our snow castle.


 Snow Castle

Our finished snow castle in our backyard.

Football in the backyard.

Backyard football.