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Holiday Activities


For the kids who stay with us, one of the highlights of Canadian life is celebrating the holidays. The three big holidays are Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.


On Halloween, the kids get dressed up in costumes and go around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. There are also tons of activities at school. After trick-or-treating is finished, we have a big fireworks show in our backyard.


On Christmas, kids wake up early and open their stockings, which are filled with chocolates, candies, and small toys. Then when the adults wake up, the kids can open their other presents.


On Easter, we plan a huge Easter Egg Hunt, where the kids search for hidden treasures.




An Easter Egg Hunt!

 Easter Basket

 Easter Goodies




Kids dressed up at Halloween.

 Christmas in Canada!

Jihwan opening his stocking.


Jisue with her stocking.


Making a Gingerbread house.