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Journal Writing


Journal writing is an essential part of our program. It helps students develop writing skills and gives us a chance to provide a lot of one-on-one feedback to the students. The journals also serve to help keep their memories of the summer camp or homestay for the future.


Journals are written 5 nights a week during summer camp and 4 nights a week during the regular school season. In the beginning, we encourage students to write about their day to help give them practice talking about daily activities. But as they become accomplished at that, we make them choose a topic and do some more focused writing.


Typically, journal entries will be about 200 words long. The students will write a rough draft in their rough draft workbook and then I will edit the rough draft and suggest corrections and provide grammar tips. The students then write a good copy of their journal into their actual journal, which is a work of art in itself.


Journal writing happens wherever we go, even when we go camping or on short trips.



 Gahyun writing her journal

GaHyun writing her nightly journal.


Journal writing while camping.

We even write journals when we camp!