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Vancouver Island is a world class kayaking destination. And, fortunately,  we own our own tandem kayak (the red one below). We take frequent trips to the ocean or one of the many lakes nearby for a picnic and a day of kayaking.


Kayaking is usually done as a spur-of -the-moment activity because it depends largely on the weather. We prefer to go out on calm days. Often, we take along fishing rods and try to catch a trout (freshwater) or a rockfish (saltwater). Your child can expect to go kayaking several times throughout the semester or during the summer camp.


Kayaking is a great way to see the world. We have seen whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, eagles, heron, swans, and salmon not to mention all of the marine life such as starfish, sunstars, jellyfish, crabs, and anemones.


We have all the necessary safety gear inclduing life jackets, pumps, and paddle bags (used for rescuing an overturned kayak). As well, I have taken the self-assisted rescue courses.



 Kayaking with SunWoo

SunWoo kayaking at Quadra Island

Jisue and Teacher Kayaking

Jisue kayaking at Buttle Lake

JiHwan kayaking at Buttle Lake

Jihwan kayaking at Buttle Lake