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Nature Study


Among many other things, I participate in amateur naturalist and hiking clubs. I enjoy knowing about the local species of animals and plants and I enjoy passing this knowledge onto the kids who join our camps and homestay.


We regularly go down to the beach or into the forest to see what we can find. Walking together with the students, we have photographed and identified hundreds of species of plants, insects and animals.


In the fall, we go mushroom picking in the forests. In the winter, we harvest oysters and clams from beaches. We fish all year round. By the end of a year at our homestay, kids will be able to flip over a rock at the beach and not only tell you that there is a crab, but they will be able to tell you what kind of crab: purple shore crab, black-clawed crab, red rock crab, spider crab or porcelain crab. They will have seen many kinds of marine and terrestrial wildlife including deer, elk, bears, seals, dolphins and whales. It is my hope that through activities such as this and fossil hunting, students will get a firsthand experience appreciation of the bounty of nature.


These are some of the photos that we have taken in the last year.


black clawed crab

Black Clawed Crab


Red Blood Star

Red Blood Star



 California Sea Lion

A California Sea Lion

Black Bear

Black Bear





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