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Self-Study/Silent Reading:


Self Study: Another important part of our program is the self-study/silent reading program. Every night during the week between 8:00 and 9:30 the kids are required to do some self-study and silent reading. Self-study can either be homework from school or worksheets that are provided by us. While they work, I am usually on the computer working on my education site Boggle's World, so if they have any questions, I am in the next room. Sometimes, they drop in just to chat, which is fine as well.


Silent reading: Silent reading is another essential element to our program. Creating a language/literature rich environment is important for language acquisition. We have a huge collection of children's literature that students can use anytime. After kids are finished their homework and self-study, they can choose a book and read until bedtime. Again, I monitor them to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to be.


We also have a reference library for doing homework and for identifying things we find during the adventure activities.


We also go to the public library once every few weeks and let the kids choose some books and the kids have the option of ordering books from their school book clubs.






















 Books for beginners.

Books for beginners.

Books for intermediate/advanced students.

Reference books

Reference books for our nature walks.